About Johnny Mac

Hello People!

This bit is where you’ll learn a bit more about me, so here goes !!!!!!

stairs.jpgI’m from Scotland, born in Kilmarnock, and now live in Glasgow. My first recollection of making people laugh was when I fell into a swimming pool at the age of 5! They did stop laughing though when they realised that I couldn’t swim. I remember getting the performing bug in my last year at primary school when I had to sing “There’s a Hole in my Bucket”. Years later a casting director laughed when I presented him my CV for a job and it was under the section for ‘singing’. He suggested I remove it, but I got the job.

Since that first audition I’ve gone on to become an award winning comedian / actor. I’ve appeared in 10 summer seasons to date, and been lucky enough to appear at The Hippodrome Great Yarmouth for the past 5 years. I’ve also been involved in 12 theatre pantomimes; for the past 4 years I’ve appeared at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow, which is one of the longest running pantomimes in the country. I’ve also presented for ‘The Ideal Home show” Scotland, “Faces of the Future” and been the warm up man for CBBC’s “The Dog Ate My Homework” series one. Probably the scariest but most exciting job outside of comedy was being the “Real Radio Renegade” in 2012, which was basically being chased all over central Scotland with a bounty on my head. Each day the public had to find me from my clues and pictures on “Real Radio” Scotland, and win the bounty which was anything from £1000 – 5000 per show.

In my stand-up career I have been lucky enough to support big names such as Joe Longthorne, Freddie Starr and Olly Murs. My gigs have taken me to some fantastic destinations all over the world. I’ve appeared on cruise ships, working for Thomson and on the Thomson Gold circuit.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was interesting and I hope to see you soon at a gig or show. Remember, do what you love in life, that’s what I did, and cross my fingers, touch wood, it’s going ok and ………… I’M ENJOYING MYSELF.